Andria Aristidou


Andria started hairdressing in 2009 at an Academy in Nicosia. She then went to work for 6 years in another salon, before joining MOJO team in 2016.

Her experience is extensive working at MOJO, and with international teams in TV, Theater, Advertising and Magazines.


Andria interview

Why do you do hairdressing?

“Since I was a little girl I was interested in hairdressing. It's a creative profession and you get to know different types of people and characters”.

Why do you work at MOJO?

“I am pleased that I joined the MOJO team because I work with professionals in a beautiful environment and everyone accept me for who I am”.

What is your style of hairdressing?

“I do not have a specific style in hairdressing. I adapt my technique to the needs and wants of each individual customer! I'm excited about bridal hairstyles!”